Mission Statement

RadioModels is a suite of quantitative mathematical models for professionals linked to the specialty of Oncology. It offers advanced modeling techniques, with a strong focus on performance and interactive computing. It is a powerful, simple to use, and free software, available for both desktop and mobile platforms (Windows, Linux and Android).

The goal of RadioModels is to organize and make more accessible relevant prognostic and predictive models for patient management into a single app. Such models provide useful information and assist radiation oncologist in making decisions about cancer treatment. Software allowing quick access to these useful tools during clinical routine was required, and RadioModels was designed for that reason.


Predictive Models

More than 13 treatment decision support models based on clinical multiparametric databases are included in RadioModels.


• Linear-Quadratic-Linear Cell Survival Model
• Lyman-Kutcher-Burman NTCP
• Isodose-Based Methodology

Radiogenic Cancer Risk

• BEIR VII Phase 2

Breast Cancer

• Breast Fibrosis Risk after Radiotherapy
• Ipsilateral Breast Tumour Recurrence

Esophageal Cancer

• Neoadjuvant Chemoradiation

Extrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma

• Post-Operative Chemoradiation

Gallbladder Cancer

• Post-Operative Chemoradiation

Head & Neck Cancer

• Conditional Survival
• Post-Operative Radiation for Oral Cavity Squamous Cell Cancer

Lung Cancer

• Post-Operative Radiation for NSCL Cancer

Pancreas Cancer

• Post-Operative Chemoradiation

Rectal Cancer

• Conditional Survival

Thyroid Cancer

• Cause-Specific Mortality for Differentiated Thyroid Cancer


Redesigning Medical Apps

Its graphical user interface is fully responsive and adjust for all kinds of screen sizes, including phones, tablets and computers. Moreover, all the nomograms included in RadioModels share a consistent design that allows for a pleasant and unified experience.

RadioModels comes with an advanced graphical calculator for visualizing interactively data in a way that is more easy and intuitive to understand the results.



RadioModels has been designed for research purposes only and has not been reviewed or approved by the FDA or by any other agency. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT CLINICAL APPLICATIONS ARE NEITHER RECOMMENDED NOR ADVISED. All calculations, measurements and graphs provided by this software are intended only for scientific research. Any other use is entirely at the discretion and risk of the user.


Suits most recent distributions


Requires Android 4.1 (API 16) or higher